Jul 282014

Genese Grill

It’s a huge pleasure to announce that Genese Grill has joined the NC masthead as a Special Correspondent. She has already contributed mightily to the magazine, essays on Primitivism and Modernism (in the current issue), on Proust and Musil, and her impressive Apologia one why we write. Look forward to her brand new Robert Musil translations coming in September and a major essay on Musil and Ludwig Wittgenstein currently in the works for January.


Genese Grill is an artist, writer, German scholar, and translator living in Burlington, Vermont. Her first book, The World as Metaphor in Robert Musil’s ‘The Man without Qualities’: Possibility as Reality (Camden House, 2012), explores the aesthetic-ethical imperative of word and world-making in Musil’s metaphoric theory and practice and celebrates the extra-temporal moment of Musil’s “Other Condition” as a transformative aesthetic and mystical experience informing a utopian conduct of life.



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