Dec 162013

Check out these uncanny figurines by Scottish artist Jessica Harrison. Something deeply and hilariously disturbing here. Just the sort of thing I like. Great site, too.


Harrison in particular has a rather unsettling take on this with her series of ghastly ladies, the ones on view in MAD just being her most recent. She’s also crafted “skin” furniture complete with real sprouting human hair (ideal decor for the salon of the uncanny valley), a miniature piano full of red tongues, and, um, used fly legs as fake eyelashes. In contrast to some of this prior work, her figurines in this show — with their severed heads dripping on their petticoats, wearing neck wounds like just another fine necklace — seem rather refined. But their slasher-movie carnage rips through the fiction of mass-produced sophistication.

via Bloody Bloody Boudoir Ladies: Turning Kitsch Ceramics Into Horror.

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