Dec 142013

Oh yes! Dali illustrations for Don Quixote. Clarissa Hurley, who just read The Enamoured Knight (bless her heart), sent me this link. This also reminds me that once in Paris (Christmas, 1969) I saw Dali emerge from a black limousine-like car with a  fancy woman dressed in furs. It was morning, yet they seemed dressed for the evening. This is my memory.


Salvador Dalí was no stranger to literary illustration, from his heliogravures for Alice in Wonderland to his drawings for Montaigne’s essays. But arguably his most elegant take on a literary classic comes from this rare 1946 edition of Don Quixote De La Mancha (public library) by Miguel de Cervantes. (Cervantes’s exact birthday remains uncertain — September 29, 1547 is the commonly agreed upon date, but there are no surviving birth records; the only official record is that of his baptism on October 9, 1547.)

Scrumptiously surrealist, Dalí’s drawings — a combination of black-and-white sketches and watercolors — are the best visual take on the Cervantes classic since Spanish graphic design pioneer Roc Riera Rojas’s 1969 illustrations.

via Salvador Dalí Illustrates Don Quixote | Brain Pickings.

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