Oct 192013

Robert LaFosse – NYC Ballet

bill hayward is famous for his artist/author portraits. I have mentioned this before: he has invented a unique way of collaborating with his subject that redefines the notion of portrait. He invites his subject to the studio, provides an immense continuous roll of white paper for backdrop(s) and buckets of black paint and let’s the subject play, dance, perform, paint (background and self) and act out (himself/herself) in ways that burst the stoic frame of picture-taking. See his amazing book Bad Behavior for examples. Now, in conjunction with his new show at the Martin Art Gallery in Allentown, PA, he has published his manifesto.


1. The entire “portrait of the collaborative-self” process is predicated on
possibility and the play of the unconscious mind.

2. Permission. The “portrait of the collaborative-self” portrait process/
experience is about allowing one to reclaim the authority of one’s
imagination. Imagination being the only source of real freedom we possess.spacer-1inch3. These images are created/built/painted/constructed out of open ended
conversation between myself and the subject…possibility. These images are
built out of the play of imagination in and with paint and/or paper. All of
the marks are made by the subject…their art, their heart.

Read the rest at bill hayward’s blog :: new york photographer, filmmaker, choreographer, and performance director


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