Sep 242013

My inaugural reading as Writer-in-Residence at the University of New Brunswick is this Thursday at 8pm in the East Gallery at Memorial Hall. I’ll be reading from Savage Love. This time I get to stretch it out a bit. The readings last week were all pretty short, fifteen minutes or so.  I’ve been reading “Light Trending to Dark” and nothing else. Might have time for the amputation scene from “Tristiana” or some such delight. Someone put in a request for “Little Things.”

A special note to my NC supporters: Please do not consume alcohol before or during the performance, also no fireworks, no flaming lighters (remember what happened last time), no throwing footballs, no water balloons, try not to clog the toilets on the chartered buses, someone keep an eye on Rich.


Douglas Glover -large

  4 Responses to “Douglas Glover Reads @ Memorial Hall, University of New Brunswick”

  1. Good luck with the reading. Wish I could be there, but, at least, I’ll be getting the book in the mail soon.

  2. I tippled a good bit of wine before and after your reading and came out right as rain.

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