Aug 182013


Savage Love CoverMy promotional events are starting to take shape. You never know, when you say yes, what you’re going to be roped into, er, I mean signed up for. Especially with panels. But it seems to be part of the job. This one looks wild. I’ll think of some jokes. Or I’ll talk about “Tristiana” and the cannibal serial killer who finds a wife, the first story in Savage Love.

Of my co-panelists, I only know Wayne Johnston personally, and we go way back. I read and loved his first novel The Story of Bobby O’Malley when I was the First Novels columnist at Books in Canada many years ago. It won the Books in Canada First Novel Award. A wonderful writer. Through all my moves, his books have stayed in my bookcase.

Mark your calendars.

Four writers talk this morning about love in all its glorious possibilities—bidden and forbidden.

via 60 Looking for Love | Vancouver Writers Fest.


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