Jul 302013

New studies clearly indicate that intra- and extra- marital sex is safer than getting mad. NC’s health desk medico suggests that if you feel like you’re going to lose your temper, channel that emotion into passion for the nearest available partner. Actually, this is not the NC health desk medico. I am an intern in charge of filing and photocopying. But my advice is as good as anyone’s.

The data consistently show that “men are the major victims” of sudden deaths occurring during extramarital intercourse, and that any underlying heart condition further raises a man’s risk of an early death, according to the authors.

The stress of illicit sex may increase blood pressure and heart rate significantly, they warned, “resulting in sudden death or cardiovascular events.” Even so, the risks appear to be very low, they added — “far less than that associated with anger and unaccustomed physical exercise.”

via Sex after a heart attack: New guidelines provide first formal ‘how to’ on resuming sex after heart disease | National Post.

  One Response to “While NC does not endorse extramarital sex, or sex of any kind for that matter…”

  1. Well, since I’m not a man, it sounds as if I’m safe no matter what I do–as long as I don’t get angry about it. At my advanced age, this is very encouraging.

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