Apr 022013

via Michael Filgate @ The Paris Review

“The Library of Unborrowed Books” is an art installation by Meriç Algün Ringborg at Art in General in New York, a wall of library stacks filled with, yes, unborrowed library books, something to meditate upon, absence, silence, vanity, desire and text.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with the artist.


“The Library of Unborrowed Books bases itself on the concept of the library as an institution manifesting language and knowledge, of the passing of awareness and the openness to all types of people and literature. This work, however, comprises books from a selected library that have never been borrowed. The framework in this instance hints at what has been disregarded, knowledge essentially unconsumed, and puts on display what has eluded us.

Why these books aren’t ‘chosen,’ why they are overlooked, will never be clear but whatever each book contains, en masse they become representative of the gaps and cracks of history, or the cataloging of the world and the ambivalent relationship between absence and presence. In this library their existence is validated simply by being borrowed, underlining their being as well as their content and form by putting them on display in an autonomous library dedicated to the books yet to have been revealed.”

See more images of the work @ Art in General.

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