Sep 052012

I was going through the NC archives and discovered a very early blog reference to a now defunct file sharing site I used to keep for my students. I was referring everyone to a copy of Ted Kooser’s brilliant essay “Small Rooms in Time” which I had marked up in my usual colourful and ebullient manner.

I am uploading the pdf of that essay with my commentary as an example for readers, also as a homage to a wonderful writer. The markup is a bit informal and I am not sure how it will reproduce on a variety of pdf readers. Have fun.


Kooser – Small Rooms of Time w comments

  13 Responses to “How to Read (or How I Read): A Little Lesson — Douglas Glover”

  1. May I show this to students, Doug?

    • Sure, Julie. That’s partly why I put it up here. Make sure people credit me with the markup and ideas if they use them. 🙂

      But it was very nice of you to ask.


  2. I love this essay and just taught it last week. Will refer students on over to your comments as a follow-up. Serendipity. Thanks.

  3. This is marvelous. I would love to use it with students in Writing and Rhetoric II (credit to you of course). Thanks for posting,

    • Thanks, Maggie. I actually have some more of these. I didn’t realize it would be so popular. So, at some point, I’ll put something else up like it.

  4. Thank you very much for posting this. Incredibly informative.

  5. Also, I don’t teach anyone, so I’m just going to use it blasphemously and without regard to credit. 🙂

  6. Doug, thanks so much for posting this beautiful piece of writing with your insightful analysis. I found it so informative to seem how you bring out various techniques through the piece, particularly showing how coherence is created by transitions/time references, the image pattern and repetition. I’m also teaching creative writing and would like to use the essay sometime, crediting your remarks! And if you have more … please do share!

    • Sharon, Thanks. I’m actually surprised at how much attention this has been getting. As a matter of fact, I do have more. I will post one now and then. I even have Alice Munro’s “Meneseteung” with notes, the same copy I used to write the essay in Attack of the Copula Spiders.

      And, yes, it is a gorgeous, poignant essay, isn’t it?

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