Mar 232012

 Here’s the video of the tiny 5-minute reading I gave March 15 at the Celebration for the Literarian at the Center for Fiction in New York. Four little pieces, including three complete short stories (do not even THINK flash fiction).





  3 Responses to “Douglas Glover: A Brief Reading at the Celebration for the Literarian”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Doug- at times like this, VCFA’s low-residency component frustrates me – wish I could hear more of my VCFA colleagues read. Love the word FLIRTATIOUSLY which floats out so nicely at the end of that one “little thing.”

  2. What a treat! Now I need to study up on the difference between flash fiction, and a fully complete short story (however short). AAAhhhhhgh! How I was was still at the VCFA.

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