Aug 252011


Apparel chain Old Navy is reprinting thousands of college T-shirts to correct an embarrassing error.

The shirts debuted this month, featuring the names and mascots of dozens of schools including USC and UCLA. Printed at the top of each shirt are the words “Lets Go!!”

The problem is that “lets” is missing its apostrophe, which is necessary to create the intended contraction of “Let us go.” Without the apostrophe, “lets go” means to release something.

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  3 Responses to “New Evidence of Irretrievable Cultural Decline from the LA Times!”

  1. If every commercial enterprise were to correct its grammatical and punctuation errors, the cost would be in the millions, if not the billions.

  2. I swear all of these shirts end up in Korea. I see Old Navy clothes often, worn by people who don’t know what they say.

  3. Ever since Mickey Drexler left The Gap (Old Navy) – I think the merchandising efforts have been uninspired, and now…well, they hit another all time low.

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