May 112011

It’s a good thing the world is ending in 10 days. That’s all I have to say about this. Thanks to Chad Post for putting this up at Three Percent.


Digital Reviews are the same as print ForeWord reviews in many respects: the books must meet our quality standards; we use the same proficient reviewers; and the reviews are featured on our Web site and iPhone app and licensed for publication in the top title information databases used by booksellers and librarians: Baker & Taylor’s TitleSource III, Ingram’s iPage, Bowker’s Books in Print, and Gale’s licensed databases.

Digital Reviews are different from ForeWord reviews in that they are a fee-for-service review. A $99 fee covers the expense of writing and posting the review.

via Three Percent.

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  1. How much of that $99 do the review writers get? Or are the reviews generated by a computer program?

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