Apr 082011

Intense global competition is laying low an industry dear to the heart of any Canadian who ever grabbed a hockey stick and laced up a pair of skates, or scrambled off the road when a buddy yelled “car.”

Sher-Wood Hockey Inc., Canada’s storied hockey stick manufacturer, is leaving home ice for good at the end of this year, moving the last of its stick production to China to slash costs.

Thursday’s decision by Sher-Wood is the latest blow to what little is left of Canada’s once-thriving hockey stick manufacturing industry and it underlines how vulnerable manufacturers are to the global forces of low-cost competition.

via Canadian icon Sher-Wood sets sail for China – The Globe and Mail.

  2 Responses to “Is nothing sacred?”

  1. So sad.

  2. Urrkk!! (My throat constricted when I read this.) Once they stopped making hockey sticks out of wood, Sher-Wood was doomed.

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