Mar 222011

What a civil, undomesticable, and heartening poet is Mary Ruefle: fond of experiment, but just as pleased to write of tilapia or county fairs; always novel, but never pandering to a mode; refusing neither the absurd nor the sublime. Any Ruefle poem is an occasion of resonant wit and language, subject to an exacting intelligence. For more than thirty years, she has freshened American poetry by humbly glorifying both the inner life and the outward experience. Her Selected Poems, like the work of William Carlos Williams, is a testimony not only to the power of artfulness, but to human empathy.via Mary Ruefle – Poetry Society of America.

  5 Responses to “Mary Ruefle wins Poetry Society of America William Carlos Williams Award”

  1. not to be erased
    in cerebral celebration
    calls of joy – –
    here here to a wonderful spirit
    m Y a O r U y GO GIRL

  2. I remember hearing Mary read Glory at VCFA. I shivered then, I did so again while reading it here. Richly deserved. Congratulations.

  3. So lovely. Mary once told our class, “The only thing that matters is your alive on earth,” and I was then, as I am now, heartened by her words.

  4. “with the remote intensity of a dream. These thing
    stake over. I am a glorifier, not very high up”

    I assume this is a mistake (things). Any way to get Mary to have this corrected?

    Great poem, great poet.

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