Feb 062011

Um, I am in a packet haze. Then I saw this. I have been generating new titles for the last half-hour. Mesmerizing. And truly, truly helpful. I mean really. Sort of.

Best new titles so far for future dg stories and novels: Fallen Stream, The Entwined Silk, Darkness of Flame, The Fire’s Legacy, and my favourite The Mists of the Ashes.


Random Title Generator by Maygra (based on a design by Jellyn).

  11 Responses to “Random Title Generator”

  1. “Fallen from the entwined silk and dark flame of the fire’s legacy the mist rises from the ashes” … Ha – what’s a title? I want to read the story!

  2. I especially liked “Growing Serpents” (a herpetologist’s guide to breeding), and “The Return of the Doors” (Jim Morrison is found marooned on an Antartic island).

  3. “The Shards’s Light”

    I’m assuming Shards is a family name.

  4. I’ve been searching for a winning title for my grant application on ciliary function (due in 3 short weeks). With the help of The Generator, I’ve narrowed it down to: Pleasure of the Sword; Laughing Truth; The Missing Edge; Final Soaring.

    • What fun!

      For DG- The Mists of the Ashes sounds like a hit.

      For Lynne- The Pleasure of the Sword- that will surely intrigue and confuse them.

  5. This one is by Doug, about his fears of the magnetic poles reversing: Storm in the Storm.
    A bit redundant, you say? Just wait till the super-storms get you.

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