Jan 182011

This is Kristi Wipperfurth’s (VCFA poetry) reconstruction of dg’s amazing lecture at the Vermont College of Fine Arts residency just completed. Kristi is especially good at recapitulating the “mediation” theme; notice how she has dg mediating between the lamp (the light) and the Self. Really, this tells you everything. And she caught the curious resemblance between dg and Robert Redford exactly.


  10 Responses to “DG’s Lecture in the History of Western Philosophy in 45 Minutes, the Comic Book Version by Kristi Wipperwurth”

  1. Gee, I’m sorry I missed it. Has it been submitted to the Sundance Festival?

  2. I love it! The picture should be included with the CD of the lecture.
    In fact, it seems only a matter of time before cartoon covers accompany all VCFA lecture CDs, at least in my ideal world.

  3. I see the resemblance between Doug and Robert clearly. Pre Robert’s horrendous facelift, of course.

  4. It looks like he’s talking out the side of his mouth. This definitely indicates philosophy is the subject.

    • Now, now. We like philosophy.

      • So do I. Too much. Kinda like that one popular girl in high school I followed around. Man, I just loved her tendons and that soft pulse in her throat! But she distracted me so much I walked around one day with my zipper undone. All day. I never noticed that irrefutable fact of real life.

        Plus I can’t grow a good enough beard. This tends to diminish one’s presence in philosophy, I think.

        • This rather illustrates the point of my lecture. You envision philosophy as something outside yourself and as something different from “irrefutable fact of real life.” Whereas my point was that what you think of as an “irrefutable fact” is only a construct formed through the interaction of assumed and unexamined ideas, paradigmatic dogmas, as my son calls them. The popular girl in high school isn’t someone you’re following; she’s actually inside you and she’s telling you what to think without your noticing it (strange thought, but it’s your metaphor 🙂 ). The study of philosophy, or, really, the study of the history of ideas, is meant to give you a mite of self access and perhaps a bit of a sense about where your ideas came from and how interesting or not interesting they really might be.

  5. Are those glasses this man is wearing? This is news.

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