Oct 282010

Steve Lindstrom (former student) mentioned this on his Facebook wall, so I read it this morning. A stunning story.


What chiefly frightens me is the common routine of life from which none of us can escape. I am incapable of distinguishing what is true and what is false in my actions, and they worry me. I recognize that education and the conditions of life have imprisoned me in a narrow circle of falsity, that my whole life is nothing else than a daily effort to deceive myself and other people, and to avoid noticing it; and I am frightened at the thought that to the day of my death I shall not escape from this falsity. To-day I do something and to-morrow I do not understand why I did it. I entered the service in Petersburg and took fright; I came here to work on the land, and here, too, I am frightened. . . . I see that we know very little and so make mistakes every day. We are unjust, we slander one another and spoil each other’s lives, we waste all our powers on trash which we do not need and which hinders us from living; and that frightens me, because I don’t understand why and for whom it is necessary. I don’t understand men, my dear fellow, and I am afraid of them.

via Anton Chekhov’s short story: Terror.

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  1. Wow! Chekhov really cuts to the heart of things, doesn’t he? Thanks for this. Looking forward to reading the story.

  2. i won’t get this one out of my gut for a while. anyone know who the translator is?

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