Sep 292010

Air combat is a complex mix of art, science and engineering. Aircraft performance, weapons performance, networked sensors and pilot skill all contribute to the final Loss Exchange Ratio (LER). The only simplification is that aircraft approach, engage in combat and the survivors depart. This activity can be examined in a ‘kill-chain’ with the following stages: ‘Detect-Identify-Engage-Disengage-Destroy’ (DIED2).

via How? The Deadly Question for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Some possible new sentences:

“After each date, Norbert rushed to his computer to calculate his Loss Exchange Ratio (LER).”

“Life is one long kill-chain, Norbert thought.”

“Polyamorous Norbert approached love like a heat-seeking missile. For each new woman, his only thought was: Detect-Identify-Engage-Disengage-Destroy.”


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  1. Where else but on Numero Cinq can you find posts like this? Here’s a recap of the last 4, in case you missed them: Glover’s reading about the kill radius of the joint strike fighter, Gary waxes poetic about berserker chessmen carved from walrus tusks, Glover’s son is translating Julius Caesar, and, oh, by the way, NC is now on Twitter. What a dizzying cornucopia of…I don’t know what to say next. 🙂

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