Aug 252010

My Future Employer?

Philip Graham sent a link to this today.  I know that DG has almost cracked the top 10 writers’ list, but for those of us still hoping to earn a living, here are some sobering numbers.  This link gets very specific about how much authors can expect to make.  I’d be curious if the more seasoned NC contributors and guests find this accurate.

That being said, Talisker is looking for a new U.S. importer.  Apparently they’ve had an up-tick in anticipated sales.

-Richard Farrell

  4 Responses to “Show Me The Money: What Writers Earn”

  1. Be sure to go to the deanwesleysmith link, posted in one of the comments on that blog, and cheer yourself up.

    • I’m not in it for the money, I just want the fame! 🙂 I read his comments–it looks like he’s a genre writer and I wonder how the numbers he cites play out for literary fiction. My guess is that they skew downward.

  2. In response to this I have to bring in a quote from the illustrious Rimas Blekaitis, at our first residency. Someone asked the question of whether we’d rather sell a book for a million dollars or be well-respected in the literary community, to which he responded, “Could I just have a half million and be tolerated in the literary world?”

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