Jun 282010

The best thing that happened so far: 10 a.m. Faculty Meeting. Mary Ruefle sweeps up to me to say hello, sweeps me into a hug with one long arm and, with the other, presses a small book into my hand. She says, “I saw this at a tag sale and thought you should have it. It’s a little water stained. But I thought of you.” It’s a beautiful little soft cover booked printed in Mexico entitled The Wisdom of Don Quixote with lovely colour paintings scattered throughout and pages and pages of quotations from Cervantes. You can’t find it on the internet–at least I couldn’t. Selections by Ricardo Elizondo. Illustrations by Jack Unruh. Translation by Susan Moreira. Published by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. A splendid gift, terrific start to the residency.


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  1. A true Vermont College moment. Now I am homesick for the place. I’d been fending off the feeling because I’m writing well in long stretches, but sigh…Vermont.

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