Jun 162010

The Guardian live play-by-play blog has some of the best humour I’ve seen/heard. Here are bits from the Spain-Switzerland match going on as I post this. If only more sports announcers would talk like this, I’d get cable again.

58 min “Hi Rob,” says Michael Minihan. “Just to point out, I made love to Mick McCarthy at a motel just outside Doncaster and I can confirm your suspicions about him being a tender lover. After the two of us had emptied the mini bar, he made off in the morning without paying though, typifying Premier League managers irresponsible attitude towards debt.”

48 min “That persistent drone is really annoying,” says Adam Forbes, lining up the inevitable gag. “Any news on the BBC offering games with Mick McCarthy filtered out?” HONK! I like McCarthy. He’s an underrated manager and, I imagine, a deceptively tender lover.

41 min Ramos passes the ball straight into touch. Spain are struggling to penetrate, against Switzerland. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve lost faith in everything.

34 min Here’s the latest from Nightmare Corner, with Ross Kitson: “If I was playing against that Spanish attack I would be having nightmares for days – but appreciative nightmares, like the one where you are really thankful as you are being beaten about by a charming semi-clad Amazonian woman.”

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  1. What an upsetting game between Italy and New Zealand in more ways than one!
    Go Italy Go!

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