Apr 142010

So I picked Jonah up from school and he was in a good mood. He had to sell chocolate bars for a Latin class trip. At lunch, he set himself up at a table with a sign that read COCAINE with the word crossed and underneath, in much smaller letters, Confectionery Sugar. Kids lined up to buy. A second ploy involved a group of boys, always at the same lunch, who hang around together and always bring an extra dollar for ice cream. Jonah went over to the ring-leader of the group and offered him a free chocolate bar if he promised to say how good it was and not share any. Jonah promptly sold several chocolate bars.

All the way home he was talking about getting an MBA.


  One Response to “Cocaine, a marketing tool”

  1. “All the way home he was talking about getting an MBA.”

    Or becoming Paris Hilton’s best friend. Is this what you want, Jonah?

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