Mar 312010

Okay, a couple of things I was reading about this morning that I can’t resist mentioning. First of all, it turns out Jesse James (not the cowboy; Sandra Bullock’s husband) had a 4-way with his gf Bombshell McGee, a tattoo parlor receptionist named Skittles Valentine, and her boss. There is something magnetic about these names. I am going to write a novel called Skittles Valentine.

The other thing is this video of militia girls in training. It made me want to join. Absolutely. About half-way through the video there is a blurred image that looks like a guy holding up a target for people to shoot at. Could this be true? How long did he survive? I guess life is cheap in the Michigan woods.

Soon I will begin writing about literature and deep things again, but this morning all I have to look forward to are packets.



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  1. My wife is from Michigan, is a highly trained warrior (if a speculum counts as a weapon, and for my money, it does) and could topple most governments and re-instate order within 24 hours. Okay, yes, she paid me to say that (at least the Michigan part.)

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