Oct 162018

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I can’t resist this. Cynthia Sample alerted me to the fact that you can pre-order my new book of essays already! (Book not out till next July.) I checked Amazon, just to see, and was, as often happens, charmed by what I saw. There’s my book. Though that’s not the actual cover. This is standard for new books. Publishers put up a placeholder till the real book cover is available. And the subtitle appears different on the cover mockup and in the book description. I probably caused that confusion myself, since have always gone back and forth between the two. (I welcome your input.)

But best of all is the little “#1 New Release” flag followed by the words “in Erotica Fiction Writing Reference.”

No doubt this will do my public image no end of good and make me popular in the B&D crowd. Just to check, I searched the book title only and this is what came up.

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The irony is, of course, as many of you know, that the title essay of the book — “The Erotics of Restraint” — is a long text on Jane Austen’s novel Mansfield Park.

But let me not deter anyone from buying the book on mistaken (or any other) grounds.



  3 Responses to “The Erotics of Restraint #1 New Release in Erotica Fiction Writing Reference on Amazon (this morning)”

  1. “Cover not final” — surely if they can come up with something sexier, you’ll have it made.

    • 🙂 Looking back, I actually loved the provisional cover image for Attack of the Copula Spiders. But you’re right. This one could use a little of the madcap or erotic.

  2. Oh. I looked too quickly and thought the Amazon page was showing accessory spin-offs from your book. Here’s what you can get with Fifty Shades of Grey:


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