Jul 282017

Click on the image to read the “lost poems.”

More retrospection. I almost hate to do this. Many will suggest that I should let sleeping dogs lie. But really, folks, there have been occasions of sublime tomfoolery (and embarrassment) on Numéro Cinq, especially early on when there were fewer people in the community. We used have a lot of fun in the margins. Feisty and irreverent. There has always been a current of that spirit running through the magazine.

“The Lost Poems of Paris Hilton” is a comment conversation (on the NC Blog in April, 2010) that exploded willy-nilly under a post to which it bore only a conjectural connection. Eventually, we extracted the “Lost Poems” conversation and gave it a blog post of its own (hence, the references part way through to a David Helwig photo that is no long attached to the piece). Paris was much in the news at the time. Ivanka Trump also figures in the thread. She is much in the news today. No doubt we’ll be hearing from the Department of Justice later in the day. Of the writers involved, Natalia Sarkissian and Gary Garvin are still on the masthead. Rich Farrell is no longer on the masthead but contributes now and then, most recently a review of a Steven Heighton novel. Steven Axelrod has his own NC Archive Page.

Click on the image or the link above or find the “lost poems” here.  The poems are not in the body of the post but in the comment thread below, so you have to click through to the original post and then scroll down. For added entertainment, read the extended URL.

Paris Hilton, the lost poems


p.s. Try not to judge us harshly.


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  1. Ah, the good old days. Paris started calling me again. I had to change my number.

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