Jul 182017

Still in my retrospective mood, a mood which prompts me to sift through the archives for little pops of delight, moments of inspiration and, yes, perfect communication. Every once in a while, I would get an email that was a shining thing unto itself. A side effect of being a writer is that sometimes, in a languid moment, you just cannot stop yourself from committing random acts of beauty. When the stars aligned, we published the email. NC has always been able to react instantaneously and intuitively when the opportunity arose. Laura Michele Diener and Jean Marie Saporito were former students of mine when they wrote these pieces. Annie Bleecker was a student at the time, and the two pieces linked here were her cover letters to me.

All five texts went into the magazine pretty much unedited, exuberant bolts of fresh, lovely writing.

I’ve been rereading Jules Laforgue’s Moral Tales, translated by William Jay Smith. In his introduction, Smith wrote: “Laforgue attempted in his Moral Tales to break down all the barriers, to attain the effect of spontaneity, that ‘unwritten’ quality that we associate with his name.” It is precisely this effect of spontaneity, the “unwritten” quality, that is the chief charm of these texts.






At the English Cemetery: Letter from Florence — Laura Michele Diener








Letter from Taos: Too Horrible, Too Beautiful — Jean-Marie Saporito


Letter from Taos: Cowgirls Ride the Trail of Truth — Jean-Marie Saporito




Letter from New Orleans — Annie Bleecker


Packet Letter from New Orleans — Annie Bleecker


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