Jul 132017

Jonah Glover (right) with friends at a work related function.

This a belated righting of the balance of things. Jonah has been backing me up at NC, year after year, always willing to drop what he’s doing, often more important things, and dive head first in the htaccess file or the databases and bring order out of chaos. We’ve been under malware attack twice in the last six months, and the magazine might have folded without him (an ignominious way to go). So it’s only proper that he be given some presence on the masthead in recognition of long service. The photo above was not taken during an NC staff meeting as some of you might have opined, but you can see that he will fit right into the hard-partying culture at the magazine.


Jonah Glover is a twenty-three-year-old human male. Jonah was hired into a technical role despite a long history of shoving chalk into the Glover family VCR. His tenure as CTO is a brazen act of nepotism by DG, so he says. In truth, he has rescued the magazine from malware attacks and hosting issues over and over again. He works as a software engineer in Seattle and is completing a degree at the University of Waterloo.

  4 Responses to “New/Old Hire | Jonah Glover (belatedly) Named CTO at Numéro Cinq”

  1. Cheers! Malware-wise, Jonah was clearly the catcher in the rye.

    • Pat, He’s the rock against which the Forces of Evil batter themselves. 🙂 But actually I like “catcher in the rye” better. Funny photo.:)

  2. At last, someone with the advanced skills to carry Numero Cinq into the 22nd century. It’s certainly about time (which of course is running out and about).

    • Malcolm! The 22nd century!?!? Another 83 years of this! Much as I love the magazine, the heart founders at the thought. 🙂


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