Apr 252017

In February’s issue, Sophie Lavoie introduced our readers to Scott Cudmore’s music video for Wintersleep’s song, “Amerika,” and we’ve just learned that the short film is up for a prestigious Prism Prize. From their website:

The Prism Prize is a national, juried award established to recognize the artistry of the modern music video in Canada.

A jury of more than 120 Canadian music and film industry professionals – including members of the print/web media, broadcasting, film, radio, and video art communities – has been selected to nominate the 10 best videos of the year to comprise our shortlist.

These jurors are then charged with the task of crowning one video as the winner of the annual Prism Prize, which carries with it a substantial cash reward.The Prism Prize is awarded based on artistic merit. Jurors are asked to consider the following criteria when selecting the best video of the year: Originality, Creativity, Style, Innovation and Effective Execution.

Sophie wrote the following about the clip:

Grainy video and tinny sound are not what one expects from a professional music video, but the opening to Wintersleep’s video for “Amerika,” the anthem from their most recent album, melds form and content to make for an explosive one-minute prelude. A pale, young, red-headed woman informs us flatly of the apocalyptic decline of the human race, in a clear rejection of humans by nature, animals and trees. Then, an anonymous child’s voice details how members of a family are interconnected even when far apart. These are clearly trying times.

Currently, “Amerika” has made it to the final 10 videos under consideration. Prize night is May 14. Congratulations to both director Cudmore and Wintersleep.

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