Dec 162012

Jonah contributes here the third leg of his High School Romance Triptych. See also his earlier microstory “The I(r)onic Bond: A Chemical Romance”  and his memoir “Talking to a 17-Year-Old Girl, When You are a 16-Year-Old Boy”. To get a complete picture of his peculiar mind, read his epic one-sentence anti-romance “The Eunuch.”



This is an excerpt from my grade 12 math notebook. I have no recollection of writing it, but it’s in my hand writing.

…Her brown hair fell lightly on her shoulders as she spoke to us in the library multipurpose room. I passionately copied notes and feigned passionate interest in her revision of cosine curves and inverse functions. Hand up every moment. “Oohs” and “Ahhs” every time she made eye contact with me, communicating my comprehension of her profound mathematical conjectures. I knew I had fallen completely and deeply when she started going over derivatives.

What began as a simple review of Trigonometry had quickly become Calculust.

—Jonah Glover


Jonah Glover is a freshman at the University of Waterloo, studying Mathematics and Computer Science.



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