Dec 112010

The Author

(Photo and makeup by Jonah Glover)

Jonah hasn’t been himself lately. I don’t know what’s up. Maybe he’s a little tense about school. (No animals were harmed or mistreated in the production of this photo.)


  14 Responses to “Zombie: Photo — Jonah Glover”

  1. Obviously there’s a new girl on the horizon, and he’s trying to improve his appearance to impress her.

  2. No, not really…after all, he’s still standing.

  3. I just read “Talking to a 16-year-old girl,” and I really did laugh out loud.

  4. When I was in Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books a flash mob of one hundred zombies descended on the three-block strip of honky-tonks that makes up the tourist area of the city. None, I have to say, was as enthusiastically realistic as you, Jonah.

  5. This was actually taken post wrestling match with my dad.

    He’s still got it in him…

  6. Yes, this looks familiar. Very post-packet. I vividly recall the classic zombie urge to ‘eat brains’ Anyone’s brains would have been an improvement.

  7. This post previously had 13 comments, which was freaking me out, so here’s a 14th.

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