Feb 042010

Mel and Me at AWP

Jonah and I were doing our usual Thursday health food run at KFC this afternoon. The cashier handed me back my credit card, looked curiously into my face and said, “Isn’t there a famous person named Danny Glover?” I said, “Er, yes, but he’s black.” She took my card, read it again and said, “Oh, it’s Doug Glover. My bad.”

This is the Fate of the Self, always to be taken for someone else, never to be recognized for who you really are. I bet Danny gets mistaken for me half-a-dozen times a day.

Then we went to CVS to fill a prescription for Jonah and someone had entered him in the pharmacy computer as Female.


  3 Responses to “The Disappearing Author 2, or Almost Famous at KFC”

  1. IS THIS DANNY GLOVER’S BL… oh wait its Doug Glover. Neverminnnnd.

  2. Welcome, Son of the Shredder. 🙂

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