What It’s Like Living Here Essay Guidelines

  • 2000-3000 words (more if the quality is there)
  • 6-8 or more high resolution digital photos that you take yourself; include one of yourself, preferably informal
  • write informally but with a concentration on place, details, impressions to ground any narrative content [many people skip this crucial guideline; the essay is NOT about the author; it’s about PLACE; concentrate on evoking PLACE for the READER not on your own reactions]
  • no restriction on point of view, but some people like to use the 2nd person point of view (or even alternate between 2nd and 1st)
  • use subtitled sections keyed to the PLACES
  • start in one place (your favorite place, say, in the town you are writing about), move around from there evoking a series of specific places, and then come back to the place where you began
  • read examples already published here. http://numerocinqmagazine.com/about-numero-cinq/numero-cinq-anthologies/what-its-like-living-here-a-numero-cinq-anthology/
  • proofread carefully for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors (eliminate passive voice constructions, dangling modifiers, pronouns with ambiguous antecedents, etc.)
  • the chief difficulty people have in writing this essay is NOT following the guidelines closely enough. Stick to concrete evocation of a series of places. Pack in as many concrete evocative details as you can. Don’t be seduced into talking too much about motives, relationships, the past, etc. Let the self arrive through the details of place. That said, sometimes a lovely narrative arises through the details of place. Let it.
  • please be prepared to take editorial advice or even rejection (it happens) gracefully and professionally.

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