May 122021

Some of you may recall my sojourn at the Banff Arts Centre four years ago, October 2017, to be precise. (Below you can find a link to my original post.) Madhur Anand was one of my students there, a poet making a transition into CNF, with an amazing family story to tell of southeast Asia, Partition, and coming to Canada.

It is a huge delight for me now to see her work recognized and honoured by being placed as a finalist for this year’s Governor-General’s Award for her experimental memoir This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart. (See the CBC announcement here.)

Madhur is a scientist as well as a poet and prose writer, immensely talented. I can’t say if I helped at all. She was well launched and a high achiever when we met that October. I do recall many hours spent with my class at the Park Distillery in downtown Banff. Possibly some teaching took place.

Get a copy of the book here. Watch for more news.



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