Nov 302016


NC is a feudal meritocracy (or something like that). People with energy and the ability to multitask and contribute in different ways get noticed very quickly, and then we demand more of them (we’re a little insidious that way) until nothing is left but a dry husk (this is a joke, btw).

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Deirdre Baker came on as production editor, and then she became a production manager, basically what, at the Montreal Star, we used to call a copy boss. She is also codifying house style, creating poetry templates, creating image links resources, and doing a lot of production work besides. So now we’re raising her from production manager to managing editor (which means, you know, a crushing, never-ending workload, sleepless nights of worry, and finally a resort to drugs and alcohol — this is all in the job description). This means she handles all the production side of things except for the book reviews, which are Jason DeYoung’s responsibility. Of course, it’s the nature of the magazine that everyone pitches in, and some contributors actually upload and format their own work. Deirdre will watch over all of this with an IRON FIST.


Also Melissa Beck, after a short stint as a production editor, is rising to special correspondent to take in the fact that she now also writes reviews for the magazine and has been inviting and curating some translation posts (inviting, packaging, editing). She’s a brilliant reviewer. Everything she does enhances the magazine. And her energy and enthusiasm are boundless (so helpful on Facebook and Twitter). It behooves me to take advantage of her while I can. And, of course, I have it written in blood, that she will continue in her role on the production side of things. So, though it looks like we are losing another production editor, we’re not.


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  1. Doug–Lovely journal! Would love to pitch in here, production and/or social media, or wherever is best. I have a job with lots of down time to do my own stuff. Would love to chat. I’m also at

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