Feb 092014

Jonah Glover's Super Bowl commercialJonah Glover on CNN. Click on the image to view the CNN News video.

I suppose now there is no reason to carry on with the magazine. We have reached the pinnacle. Frequent NC contributor Jonah Glover’s Super Bowl commercial (shown only on Canadian TV) has become the subject of a full-on report at CNN News. CNN even re-edited the commercial to put Jonah first. Makes you wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with your lives. You could too could be paid to be on TV and appear on CNN.

We are a bit mystified that Numéro Cinq is not mentioned by name in the coverage. The whole piece seems strangely obsessed with McDonald’s and chickens. After all, Jonah cut his teeth working for us. NC, breeding ground of the great and famous.

[Ed. Note. There is a takeaway from this. Not the jokes above. Jonah walked into the commercial his first day in Toronto last summer. He said sure. He signed a contract and got paid. He actually shot a second commercial. It was meant for Internet release. It was released. Barely noticed. Jonah had a fulltime job over the summer. No time to pursue this. Then suddenly the commercial appears during the Super Bowl. Then on CNN. It makes you smile. Life can be so various and astonishing sometimes, such a ride. Yes, it just makes you smile. Such a hoot. Nice to be alive and see it. There’s always more to the story.]


  3 Responses to “NC Contributor Jonah Glover’s Super Bowl Commercial Appearance As Seen On CNN News”

  1. Just a tantalizing glimpse, but the boy’s got it. Better looking than Justin Bieber, infinitely smarter, and obviously better-mannered.

  2. CNN is just a sucker for a pretty face, obviously.

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