May 222012


May 22—Steven Heighton’s latest collection of short stories, The Dead Are More Visible, has been published by Knopf, Canada.  (Read a review at The Globe and Mail) Included in this story collection is “A Right Like Yours” which appeared on  Numéro Cinq Magazine in October of 2010.

May 15 — Brian Busby takes a look at my first novel, Precious. His blog’s subtitle is “A very casual exploration of Canada’s suppressed, ignored and forgotten” which tickles me no  end & about sums me up. :) I am like Darkest Africa, the whitest Antarctica, Terra Incognita, the Unconscious: on Google Earth, I am the part you can’t see — there is no Street View of my house. BTW, for the reprint (which is still IN PRINT) I rewrote some of the book. Not a lot, but crucial bits at the end wherein the hero, Moss Elliot, performs heroic acts while incapacitated due to drink.

May 7—Patrick Maddern’s poem, “Bodysurf,” was recently selected by the BBC for broadcast as part of a poetry project representing the nations competing in the 2012 London Olympics. The poem was featured in Kim Aubrey’s essay “Bermuda Voices, Island Writers,”  which appeared  Numéro Cinq Magazine, Issue 21.  Congratulations to Patrick and to Kim for this honor!

April 29 Numéro Cinq senior editor, Richard Farrell, recently returned from teaching at the 2nd, bi-annual River Pretty Writers Workshop in Tecumseh, MO.

March 19 — Melissa Fisher’s  essay “My First Job” won the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize competition judged by Gish Jen. Congratulations, Melissa. Let the Talisker flow!

March 16 — Photos from The Literarian Party at the Center for Fiction in New York Thursday evening.

March 16 — Sion Dayson‘s Letter from Paris: Life Lessons in Père Lachaise Cemetery mentioned on the Utne Reader weekly digest page.

March 15 — Douglas Glover is reading at The Literarian launch party at the Center for Fiction in New York Thursday evening. You’re all invited. Please go to the Center for Fiction web site and RSVP.

March 14 — Craftwork: Douglas Glover is giving a craft talk on novel-writing at the Center for Fiction in New York Wednesday evening. Buy tickets and RSVP at the Center for Fiction web site.

March 8 — Melissa Fisher’s “My First Job” essay has just made the FINALIST list in the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize competition judged by Gish Jen.

March 7 — Bruce Stone and Melissa Fisher have been named semi-finalists in the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize contest for pieces they published in Numéro Cinq. Gish Jen will judge the final round.

March 7 — Numéro Cinq has just received its first Pushcart Prize nomination. The Pushcart Prize Board of Contributing Editors has nominated Leslie Ullman‘s poems “The Story I Need” and “Consider Desire.” The poems appeared on these pages in October, 2011.

March 5 — NC Senior Editor Richard Farrell’s essay “Accidental Pugilism” has been highlighted by Danielle Magnuson on the Utne Reader  website. “Accidental Pugilism” was originally published on NC, then reprinted in a slightly different form at Hunger Mountain and subsequently nominated for a Pushcart Prize by that magazine’s editors.

Feb 19, 2012 – NC Contributor Cheryl Cowdy has recently published two articles on fairy tales, young adult fiction, graphic novels and children’s literature. “The Visual Poetics of Play: childhood in three Canadian graphic novels” appeared in Global Studies of Childhood, 1(4). “Resistant Rituals: Self-Mutilation and the Female Adolescent Body in Fairy Tales and Young Adult Fiction” is in the January 2012 issue of Bookbird: A journal of International Children’s Literature 50 (1).

Feb 14, 2012 — NC Contributor Adam Regn Arvidson has work forthcoming:  “The Hazards of Collecting Nectar” in flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment, “The Blushing Fish” in The Briar Cliff Review, and “Lines on the Prairie” Michigan Quarterly Review. Also his book on landscape architecture and the environment, Greening the Landscape, W.W. Norton, is due out this fall.

Feb 12, 2012 — NC Contributor Jason DeYoung has a story, “The Funeral Bill,” coming out in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s The Best American Mystery Stories 2012. Also a new story, “Kitchen Baby,” will be published in The Los Angeles Review next week.

Feb 6, 2012 — Diane Lefer: I’m leaving for Bolivia…supposed to do workshops similar to what I did in Colombia,  trying not to be anxious. I was supposed to be collaborating with an artist from Argentina but the Bolivia/Argentina borders are closed due to a dispute over gas fields so Silvana can’t get there. And the nonprofit is having financial trouble — what a surprise — so instead of a hotel they’re accommodating me on the office floor. In Mexican Spanish, ups and downs and unforeseen complications are peripecias, but apparently that’s not standard Spanish and I’m afraid the Bolivians didn’t know what I was talking about. The word looked familiar and I realized it’s from Greek drama — peripateia — reversal of fortune though apparently in modern Greek it means adventure. So I’ve decided this is all an adventure, not a problem.

Feb 5, 2012 — Gwen Mullins Alegre: I’ve been meaning to tell you that three of the pieces you and I worked on together in my last semester have been published. Two of them were ones I started and finished under you; the other is one I started my first semester then revised and finished the final semester. All of them were influenced by your advice and editorial rants suggestions , and the one in PANK even features an audio recording of the piece that I chose not to read aloud during my graduate reading. “Sometimes Dying Is the Right Thing To Do” comes out in print later this year in Eclipse, a journal out of Glendale, CA put out by Bart Edelman. “In the Morning”  (formerly known as “Spank Me in the Morning”) was published online at The Monarch Review earlier this year. “Domestic Violence” was published online at PANK last month. This was interesting because I had submitted something that wasn’t quite right and Brad Green suggested I re-submit. I had come to know Brad through formatting and obtaining pictures for his Childhood piece for NC, so I think your presence and influence were evident in that publication in more than one way.

Jan 29, 2012 — DG is in the throes of design upgrade. Since he is not a designer, please bear with us through the experimental phases which may go on forever.

Jan 27, 2012 — Steven Axelrod will be joining the NC masthead as a Contributor in recognition of his longstanding positive commitment to the magazine.

Jan 25, 2012 — NC Contributor Adam Regn Arvidson has completed his great opus on Nature Writing in America which includes essays on Loren Eiseley, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, Joseph Wood Krutch, Edward Hoagland and Wendell Berry plus a highly instructive craft essay on imagery and invective (in the work of Edward Hoagland).

Jan 20, 2012 — NC Contributing Editors R. W. Gray (NC at the Movies) and Richard Farrell have been named Senior Editors in recognition of their excellent efforts on behalf of the magazine.

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