Jun 282011

Earlier this year, my former student Richard Hartshorn and his brother Philip set out on an amazing adventure. They made a feature-length motion picture from scratch with nothing but their own inventiveness, persistence, and money (not to mention a tight group of intensely creative friends). Lots of people talk the talk, but very few ever actually do the work. Through the production Richard kept Numéro Cinq up to date on the film’s progress with his film diary. Because it’s such a unique document I’m repackaging it here as a book—each entry is a chapter with a link at the bottom to bring you back to the table of contents. There are photos and videos, rehearsal videos, trailers and posters. What’s most exciting is that this isn’t some big budget extravaganza, no Hollywood packaging deal; this is real people who haven’t waited for the money gods to touch them or for their degrees from USC film school, people just following their passion and making art.

Click on the title below and read the diary.


On the Making of Wings Over Arda, Richard Hartshorn’s Film Diary

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