Jan 292011

It’s a huge pleasure to introduce to Numéro Cinq cult members, ur, readers Domenic Stansberry‘s debut graphic novel Kiss Me, Kill Me, starring my favourite noir anti-hero Dante Mancuso, aka the Pelican (because of his nose). Many of you know Domenic, some have even been lucky enough to have him as a teacher. Domenic won an Edgar Award in 2005 for his novel, The Confession, about a Bay area psychologist accused of murdering his wife. Dante Mancuso is the hero of Domenic’s North Beach Mystery series, the latest of which, Naked Moon, came out last year.


(Read Domenic’s “Noir Manifesto” on NC here.)

—Copyright for words and illustrations belongs to Domenic Stansberry

  8 Responses to “From Kiss Me, Kill Me — Domenic Stansberry’s Debut Graphic Novel”

  1. Bravo, Domenic!

  2. Amazing. I can’t scroll down fast enough….I can’t scroll down slowly enough….

  3. Amazing interaction between the graphics and text. Thank you for teasing us with the beginning of your novel, Domenic.

  4. Fantastic illustrations. Can’t wait for it to join the ranks on my bookshelf.

  5. Wow…I echo carriec’s comments. Glad to see Domenic’s work here–and yes, he is a wonderful teacher.

  6. Domenic — Great stuff. Thanks for sharing it here, truly.

  7. Dom,
    This is pretty awesome work here. I’m wowed.

  8. “Written and illustrated by Domenic Stansberry.”

    I knew you were an amazing writer. I had no idea you were a gifted artist. Wow!

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