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Numéro Cinq‘s own prize-winning rondeau writer Anna Maria Johnson (and current VCFA student) preached a sermon a week ago last Sunday and posted the text on her blog The Martian (at the top of which is the photo of her amazing novel-in-a-box). I was under the impression the sermon was a dying form and now they seem to be cropping up everywhere. This one is lovely. Have a read and compare with sermons by John Ekman and Hilary Mullins on NC. The sermon is a nonfiction form, obviously meant to be delivered as a speech, thus often brimming with rhetorical devices, recursive structures and memorable sentences. A sermon is also organically structured around a theme and a set of biblical quotations, one from the New Testament and one from the Old Testament (device of inter-textual reference). Contrast with the related form of the VCFA graduate lecture of which there are examples in the NC Student Resources section.


On Sunday I preached my first full-length sermon. In celebration of Advent, Community Mennonite Church asked me to speak about Mary the mother of Jesus. The texts were from Luke 1: 26-56 and Micah 5:2-5a.

via Meditation on Mary, for Advent | The Martian.

And here is a link to a post about the first recorded sermon in America.

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